BROWNING Dog Safety Vest Protect Pro

BROWNING Dog Safety Vest Protect Pro

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Normale prijs
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Dog Safety Vest with 8 layers.

The external covering is CORDURA® 1100 DTEX with ripstop structure, virtually tear proof, excellent mobility. 4 layers of DYNAFELT® / Dyneema® giving the vest a high degree of suppleness and allowing maximum mobility. Waterproof and UV-resistant. The thermal regulating system (2 layers) helps to keep the dog at ideal temperature. A layer of quilted cotton makes the vest very comfortable and avoids chafing. Expandable with zip fastening system.

improved design 2019:

  • new ergonomic design: easier neck movement for the dog
  • cross stitching on all Velcro: make it stronger
  • Zipper YKK: better durability
  • longer fabric: better grip
  • sheathing seams: no patches
  • adjustment buckle: perfect adjustment
  • heavier thread: high resistance thread


Important: All sizes are related to the chest size of your dog. Please measure very precisely. Make sure the tape measure isn't too tight, it should just skim the dogs coat. Never buy a jacket a size too big, because the jacket could rub painfully between the front legs. Collar- and belly - size can be adjusted with Velcro® fasteners.

​size T50 / chest size 50cm